Friday, 30 July 2010

Hello Blog

So im starting a blog tonight, sat in my newly furnished room in the realms of Botchergate, Carlisle -fearing for my life. Im not cut out for the low life, im wishing the time away hoping for the mansion in Westminster that Mr Scott Green (my homeboy) has promised.

Working at Little Frankies in the morning, lovely eleven hour shift but its money and its the sooner i make lots of pennies the sooner i can be in London, living the high life. Im not delusional, i do realise i shant be living the high life and most probably will be living in a smelly tiny flat...again...fearing for my life. However its more exotic to say your living in London is it now. It is the capital City of course.

My new flat consists of circus loving clare bethan (clarebear) washington whom is my little frankies chummy, Jodie May Anderson, part-time lover and fellow comedy queen and then the homeboy scotty mchotty. We're all losers that dont fit together at all...but we embrace that fact :D
We have come across some new fellows in our life, firstly names "The Chavs", i can here them outside my window actually, shouting obscenities and shouting "weeeaay" everytime a motorbike goes past...i think i feel sorry for them.

I need a wee so im going to have to go, that and the fact that hot chocolate is being made downstairs and my body demands it. Listen to your body...wise words

The Ugly Ginger x