Friday, 3 September 2010

I'm going to be a HOBO

So i feel like im going to end up on the dark, cold streets. i think this because...
1) i have no money
2) i hate working
3) no ones going to hire me as an actress
4) myself and co writer jodie anderson a..k.a cake chomper are too lazy to write any other material since the recent success and fringe flop comedy play "Route 52"
5) all my friends will be blissfully happy in their marriages, kids and lovely careers and will take no pity considering i have not bothered staying in touch with them-something i am useless at

i also dont like the cold or the dark so i wont even make a good hobo...i am cold even thinkin about it so im gonna put a blanket around me. I really fancy some muesli too, i have some luxery kind downstairs :D

i should have been born into the hilton family and being given lots of money and an instant foot in the acting door, alas i was not, so im going to go cry in a pillow until Jodie Anderson gets home from her bloody job xx

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