Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mountain Dew, Charades and Lots and Lots of Farting

Sorry for the delay in writing to you my dear bloggy fans...or mum as i should say. I have been pretty flipping knackered and am geting a serious cold whilst in Edinburgh. I am drinking a lemsip as i type and just the record its DISGUSTING.
So i wonder if your wondering about my title. Let me talk you through the first thing on the list. Mountain Dew. The other day we were wandering around Edinburgh when Giselle suddenly said " Have you noticed how theres lots of green bottles everywhere" and as i looked around i sure as sure did see lots and lots of green bottles-to be honest it was quite unnerving. Literally EVERYBODY had these green bottles and we wondered where they were coming from. I should add that we were on our way to a show at the time, BARE it was called and a fabulous piece of drama, best thing iv seen at the Fringe yet, i highly recommend it!
But back to the story we were on our way there and THEN WE SAW IT. They were giving out free bottles of luminous green mountain dew energy drink as if we were collecting our food rations in the middle east. Without hesitation me and Giselle took one look at each other and sprinted across the road at full pelt. It was very spontaneous and very exciting! As we were running across the road Jodie and Roisin shouted (quite dramatically i shall add) to grab them a drink too. As we got to the tank full of bottles we were met with a flustered lady handing out bottles as fast as she could, she thrust a bottle into each of our hands and (we were rushing to get to the show too) we asked "can we have another two for our friends?" to which she replied, "its only supposed to be one each". Me and Giselle looked at eachother in desparation-we knew we couldnt go back to the girls empty handed, they were just as thirsty as we were and were expecting the sugary goodness of mountain dew. The pressure was on, what were we to do? Everybody was bustling around us waiting for their turn to taste the god like juice and we had to act fast. "PLEASE" Giselle shouted in the womans face and sure enough another two bottles were thrust into our hands. Excellent!

The drink was actually rank and none of us drank them, but we were happy with the result and we finally knew why everybody had those green bottles.

Today we went into the Broadway Bar to eat out lunch and whilst sitting their Llody decided we should play charades. My my what fun. Conclusion-Llody is a moron! He also can't keep quiet whilst playing and likes to tell you how many words the film, book, or musical is. Well we laughed so hard when he tried to

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