Monday, 16 August 2010

"i can't help myself when im in a state of Euphoria"

So yesterday we awoke quite early to get into town, nerves and lots of farting in tow.We'd decided to have a day of flyering to publicise and get people in.
Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and not a day to wear UGG BOOTS! my feet were pretty much melted...but i charged on with my honeybus t-shirt and chatted ro randoms to get some tickets sold. It was quite fun actually, but a bit weird to get started for knowing what to say and suchforth. Good job emily towle is with us, baileys gf...a.k.a BIG BOOBS. I think she got a few numbers as well as selling lots of tickets...RESULT.
so the day kept drawing nearer and nearer and we had to keep visited the toilet more and more. BTW never go in CVenues toilet when your dying for a loo roll.
we stopped for a spot of lunch outside jodies new favourite place "chocolate soup" and had a bit of food to calm the nerves, omg im nervous now re-living the moment...thats really sad isnt it?

so after a full day flyering we had to the CVenues bar to go through a few things and to chill before the big night, and who walks in...but the "Young Dads"- the performers we saw the night before and LLoyds new stalkees....seriously...hes OBSESSED.

Reasons why i think Lloyd (Llody) is totally obsessed
1) he talks about them at least every ten minutes
2) everytime we walk past their venue at anytime of day he asks "shall we go and see if their in"
3) he makes up little stories that he hopes will happen in the future with the young dads
4) when they randomly walked in the same bar yesterday he face lit up and he behaved like a naughty school girl
5) he plays their CD...yes their CD that he bought...every morning in the campervan and recites lyrics

at this moment in time while i am typing he is making a cup of tea next to me and he jus sang "this is the part where we dance" another lyric from the CD....seriously i think that boy needs therapy!

so back to us, the performance went really well apart from a line i cocked up, i have no idea why, i know the lines like the back of my hand and i said something about eyeballs...we laughed ALOT about it on the way home. well at least i can laugh about it thats what i will say. And why oh why did we include me eating a donut....i hate donuts and i have to get through one a day now for 15 days...why couldnt i have said lasagne or something i adore...

something very exciting did happen tho as we looked at our tickets att he end of the performance and thirty people were in the audience (an average fringe audience is 3) and after looking at the break down we saw that 2 press people had come to see it. Including a man from the scotman newspaper! something that "never happens apparently" so whoop for us, i have no idea how we managed that. Probably because of our amazin publicist (yes i did just say that and now i am appearing very pretentious) helen wade or maybe emily just got her boobs out for him...who knows but either way...YEY. Now we are jus hoping that he decides to write about us and writes something good!!! 5 Stars please.

Anyways after that joyful evening we came back to our abode and slept, like we'd never slept before. And now we have awoken from our slumber and are making tracks to get just do it all again....for 15days

better go get ready now anyways, a big thank you for all the support its lovely to hear and a big boost :D

keep updated :D GOOD DAY xx

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