Sunday, 8 August 2010


so i got a call this morning off my brother, turns out iv had the honour of being an auntie again :D Just to fill you all in im already the proud auntie of Miss Amelia Evelyn Marshall and she is very cool indeedy.

changed fonts as i feel this fits my mood...

so anyways, i have a new sprog in the family so thats quite nice, i was sent a picture through as i dont live in sheffield like the rest of my family, im in carlisle...great. How nice it will be in 6 months when i can say i live in london. But yes, so i havent yet met the new arrival but as said before i did get a picture through...she is a tad ugly however. i shall put the picture on so you can see what i mean. I hope you dont think im being mean here, i think all babies are ugly as a matter of fact, but hopefully she wont follow in my ugly ginger footsteps and will grow into quite an attactive being. I hope she turns ginger tho, just so i can help her through the pain and set her on the right track (my job i feel being the aunt and all). but no, she has a head of dark hair...yes thats right DARK! hoping this is something she will grow out off, as is the uglyness.

Jonathan dear brother-if you are reading this, as im sure you probably are since you think i am so side splittingly funny....i do not actually think your baby is ugly. I cant wait to meet her, but i do hope shes ginger and i will be majorly disappointed if she is not.

anyway thats all for today, just thought id share my happy news


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