Saturday, 14 August 2010

"Don't shit yourself just yet"

So i just wrote a while fecking blog and my internet decided to break, seriously i feel i have shat on gods kids and this is how he's re-paying me...

Last night was our tech rehearsal and as you can probably tel from my mood it went bloody swimmingly...firstly our fat suit went missing, a prime piece of costume to start the show and yes it went missing. A HUGE, PILLOW LIKE, MASSIVE, PINK, VERY LARGE FAT SUIT went ask me how? to this i reply "i have no frigging clue my friend" However dont fret you good people, it was in the campervan toilet...ah thank the lord...why you ask? I HAVE NO FRIGGIN CLUE. breathe....but no, all is good the fat suit is found and we can go on living again.

Really enjoying being in Edinburgh tho (im trying to be reasonable again now) it is a lovely city and very scenic. Im looking forward to seeing some shows and apart from the the first day the rain has kept at bay. JOY.

Right we're going to leave now so i better get off here and start enjoying this bloody thing they call the Fringe. GOOD DAY

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