Tuesday, 3 August 2010

UPCOMING FRINGE- Johns arrival

Roisin and Bailey arrived yesterday :D they are to stay at the house of fun (minus the smelly chavs). Im going to go off on a tangent here because writing about the chavs made me think of why im annoyed. we told them that it is FORBIDDEN to smoke in the house and yet they continue, so when  i moved we told them that i have severe asthma and that a sniff of smoke may set off an asthma attack....now i dont have asthma yet this is not the point. As i am sat in Jodies bed writing this, watching pochahontas and eating a strawberry jelly i can SMELL IT. and they dont know that i dont have severe asthma, so quite frankly they are putting my health on the line and im not sure im ok with that. so there we go, il have to febreze the hall later

so yes we have company at le flat and its lovely if not a little cramped, but its all in prepartion for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which we are performing at-exciting isn't it? and tomorrow we are meeting Mr John Henderson who will be playing a role in one of our plays, hes a lovely man  and we're very excited to meet him.

im so very tired, i have had a hard day and  i want some sympathy...i am getting none. I have eaten for my tea a whole bag of turkey footballers because i couldnt be bothered to cook anything more special. For the record i am a pretty good cook, and when i am succesful and have a house of my own i will have a big kitchen to cook in...GOOD DAY


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