Saturday, 14 August 2010

"llody goes...into the studio"

So after an eventful day yesterday i can safely say that today has been a million times more enjoyable. We visited the Fringe Central today and met up with media to get some press coming and to get reviewed hopefully. We had a pretty lazy morning after not getting in util 5 clock yesterday and Giselle our head technican made us lovely scrambled eggs on toast...delish.

Each day we make our flasks , load our rucksacks and off we go...its quite a sight. However i feel like a total slob all of the time so im avoiding mirrors at the moment. My skin has also decided to hate me so a nice outbreak and decided to spread itself across my face. I feel this is stress-related. OPENING NIGHT TOMORROW, actual VOM. Im not thinking about it, its the only way i can get through the day.

Went to see a show today called "the young dads" who were very funny. They sang funny songs and danced and it was very enjoyable. Met them afterwards and encouraged them to see our show, think we're going for drinks with them soon, Jodies (cake chomper)  going to try and pull one of them. Well if she thinks shes bringing one back to this palace of a caravan shes got another thing coming...i need my beauty sleep and i cant be having smelly, sex hungry men around. Shes quite persuasive when she wants to be that one, but she can do it alfresco style for all i care.

Made some pasta for tea and its filled a hole quite nicely, can keep me off the rota for a while.

Had so many giggles today my stomach actually hurts, i feel llody anderson is the reason for this...tonight we have been in stiches and we all pretty much cried cos we were laughin that much...i enjoyed this somewhat and hope for this in the fringe future

its hard to remember all that happens in a day and i realise this is not really sounding eventful...i feel i need a notebook so when things happen i can jot down and fill you in later...i actually love you that much. whole 5 fans...which even includes myself...


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