Saturday, 21 August 2010

HIGH WINDS WRECK AWNING...and so many lives

So i was awoken last night by a high screeching noise...after trying to ignore this for at least 45 mins i realised that giselle and roisin were outside talking to somebody which brought to my attention that something must be wrong. I got up to find that the awning that is attached to our campervan...was no longer attached. Some random man in a yellow jacket was helping, well i say helping he didnt do much but tell us that management wouldnt be around until 7.30am...yes this was all at about 5 in the morning. I didnt do much either really, i was too cold and grumpy an this time in the morning so i stayed in bed for a bit an then jumped in Llodys bed would also continued to stay in the warm. We then got a couple more hours in before getting up at around 10am. Still no awning and stil no one with the means to put it back to its primary erection...i dont know if this makes sense but i wanted to say erection because i am so god darn witty.
luckily however giselle had brought her tent so this stands in the way of the awning and its doing a pretty god job. I then made fried eggs for everyone (because poached eggs were way too stressful with the water not boiling). I do not know how i am coping in these conditions...but i am my dear fans...i am.

Yesterday was a good day because gary and his family plus my mum were in Edinburgh so we went for a wander and spent some time together :D

Performance went pretty well to say we didnt have a great audience so hoping with all this bad luck of awning breakage we shall have a good night far we have two people
anyways ciao for now goodbyeeee xx

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