Saturday, 7 August 2010


Right, so i work at Little Frankies Restaurant, its an italian, american kinda place with lots of burgers, pizzas and other cellulite ridden foods. so the other day i was working, and i will add that i was tired but i find when tired my words gets muddled, and i end up making a bit of a tit out of myself. So the other day i got asked some question or other like "can i have another coke" or "could i have the bill" and my brain thought two answers, firstly "of course" and secondly "sure". I normally like to mix it up a bit between customers as it keeps it a bit fresh for me and not so monotonous. HOWEVER, the other day my brain sort of slowed down and in the 1.5 second i had to answer as a normal person would answer this question i my brain gave both of these replies, resulting in my mouth saying "Of Sure"....i didnt correct myself, or even laugh it off....i merely pretended this was a perfectly normal reply and proceeded in getting the customer exactly what they wanted :D GOOD DAY!

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