Thursday, 19 August 2010

"We attract the scum"

Well hello there, sorry i havent been around for a while ive been a very busy girl and just "havent had the time"...thats a quote from the script by the way...i am living and breathing Route 52! So since the last time we spoke we have performed twice. Yesterdays audience was a bit poor, we had 8 people in the audience which took up the majority of Chris Baileys (fellow cast member) family. But they laughed lots so that was fine. The night before we had a good audience of about 20 odd, however we (me and jodie) feel they were prefering A Perfect Honeymoon as they laughed every 3.5 seconds and only every 6 seconds for Route 52. We feel this is because our audience were slightly upmarkets Edweenians and didnt like our language use of a term used for "mother loving". Whilst A Perfect Honeymoon was going on me and Jodie decided to flash eachother and Jodie made the comment that "we attract the scum"-we certainly do!

The mothers coming tonight, as is our bessies, scott, bethan and emma. They're very scummy so they shall, infact, laugh lots.
We have just had our first review...i shall link it below. I shall warn isnt a good one...dickhead

For a start...and im not making excuses here, he came on the first night. And by the way what does dutiful mean? and we are not polite, we swear for christ sake! And how bloody dare he say A Perfect Honeymoon is poorly scripted!!! Its bloody hilarious, i bet hes a shite playwright, and i bet he has no friends. Just spends his nights alone with a glass of red listening to some classical and thinking about the last time he laughed. He obviouslt FAILED geography as he blatently knows nothing of our beautiful cornish countryside...bloody bodwin mooore, its BODMIN YOU GAY.
And the fact that it says it is devoid of any intelligence...wel yes, your right. Its not meant to be intellectual. its meant to be observational and if he caught the bus on a daily basis he would see the characters that we play. I feel he should get his facts right before he goes actual fact i really dont mind that much...and thats enough of that.

We went out last night for a little drinkypoo, it was quite lovely and had 2 glasses of wine as a little night cap, the only annoying thing is having to get a taxi at a tenner a pop cos the last bus leaves at 11.45.

Heading into town in a min, looks to be a nice day and my mummy is coming today yeeeey...just for all those millions of fans that dont know me personallly, i do not call her mummy...i call her mum

Right i am offskies, tooooodles xx

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